Robin Bird or the singing bird


The term “Kākāriki” means ‘small green parrot’ and they are gorgeous woodland birds. They survive on seeds, berries, fruits and also insects and they usually make their nest in the holes of trees. The numbers of key species of this breed are five and they are the orange-fronted, red-crowned, Antipodes Island, Forbes and yellow-crowned.



A “Kakariki” has a bright green coloring basically. However, identifying features in them are the unique coloured sections on their heads. An exception is the Antipodes isle species, which has a totally green head.


Among the various species, the Antipodes Isle is the biggest. The ones that are ranked second, third, and fourth are the red and yellow-crowned and the orange-fronted. Though the orange-fronted was regarded as a variant of the yellow-crowned earlier it has been confirmed to be a separate species.


They are enormously active and awfully inquiring breathtaking aviary birds. They are passionate bathers and so those who keep a pet must ensure that there is a large low container that has fresh water. They are passionate foragers and enjoy planted aviaries.

Red Crowned

Red Crowned


Its place of origin was New Zealand. Once in plenty on the mainland, they are nearly extinct there now. Populations live on in Stewart isle and adjacent isles, Kapiti isle, the Kermadec Isles, a few Hauraki Gulf isles, Chatham Isles, Snares and Antipodes Isles. Though the Yellow-fronted continues residing on the mainland and Stewart Isles, it’s uncommon.


Desiccated and budded seeds form the foundation of its diet. A pet Kakariki must be given a parakeet mixture of the finest quality containing some safflower and sunflower, and also budding sunflower along with mung beans.


Females incubate between 5 and 9 eggs for approximately 20 days, which is when they hatch. The parents aid in feeding their young ones. Throughout incubation, males call the females outside the nests for feeding her by regurgitation.

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