Ibis bird


The Ibis bird depends on its bill for feeding


Iibises” is the name of a cluster of wading birds with long legs that are part of the Threskiornithidae group. They dwell in the wetlands, wooded areas and the plains of the World. The origin of the term “Ibis” is the Latin and primordial Greek term for this bird family.

Australian ibis

Australian ibis

Each and every one of the Ibises is characterized by extended bills that curve in the downward direction. They tend to feed in packs and tend to explore the mud for getting their food items, which are generally crustaceans.


They have elongated, vivid red bill that curved downward and reddish elongated legs. Their body is totally white and they have wings that have black tips. Their other features are a dusky neck and an orange colored bill.


They’re monogamous and also exceedingly territorial during the time they nest and feed. A great majority of them have the tendency of nesting in the various trees and on many occasions their nesting partners are spoonbills / herons.

They are normally very affable birds and they tend to gather about in huge flocks for feeding and for finding a partner at some stage in the mating period.


They’re a cluster of birds that frequent across the earth. However, they are more widespread in more temperate sections of the South hemisphere. They tend to dwell in areas having ample of water.

Hunting for food

Hunting for food


Despite being an omnivore this bird eats plants as well as animals. With ample aquatic species present, this bird prefers a more carnivorous diet. It hunts insects, fish, diminutive reptiles, minute mammals, frogs, and also crabs.


A female of this breed lays a maximum of 3 eggs and they hatch following an incubation phase of some weeks. The petite chick has to depend on his/her mother for food. However, they develop fast and within 6 weeks they are out of their nest.

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Scientific classification of Ibis bird

Ibis bird


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