The Cheetah, also known as the Acinonyx jubatus, is also known as a hunting Leopard. It is known to be one of the fastest animals that are found in south and Eastern Africa as well as parts of Kenya. The Cheetah originates from the cat family and is beautiful to look at.

The Cheetah which is one of the fastest creatures on earth is now reduced in number because of a variety of reasons that includes poaching as well as habitat problems. It is known to be a vulnerable creature that is now being conserved by the Wild Life society in many ways.

İt is considered as the fastest running animal among all with speed of 112km/hr.

İt is considered as the fastest running animal among all with speed of 112km/hr.


The Cheetah has a small and a slender body that is characterized by a small head and 2000 solid black spots all over. It has black streaks under the eyes with long thin legs and a spotted long tail. The Cheetah is small in size compared to the cat family of tigers and panthers. The cheetah is nearly 70 to 90 cms near the shoulders and weighs 21–72 kgs. It is taller than the leopard and smaller than the lion. Cheetahs are active during the day Cheetahs are known for their fast speed. It can cover 112 km/hour.


İt belongs from the family of cat and extremely beautiful to look at.

İt belongs from the family of cat and extremely beautiful to look at.

The Cheetah, is available in Eastern and Southern Africa as well as part of Kenya and Iran.


Cheetahs are mainly carnivores and prey upon gazelles and antelopes. They can stalk upon their prey from 100-300 meters and kill it by biting on their throats and suffocating it to death. The speed of a hunting cheetah is around 64 km/h.


The female Cheetahs usually live with their offspring in territorial regions. Cheetahs breed all throughout the year. The gestation period is around three months and a Cheetah gives birth to a litter of three, four cubs at a time. The weaning occurs around 6 months and Cheetah cubs stay with their mother for a longer time. Cheetah cubs are susceptible to diseases that can lead to death as they are vulnerable.

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