A betta fish is also known as a fighter fish and it is an aggressive fish that fights with all its companions and sometimes kills them as well.They are decorated in aquariums however it is desirable to keep them alone. The Betta fish is a large genus of a small swarm of fish that is

Clown Fish

Clown Fish

Clownfish is a very beautiful and famous species in the world. The clownfish is also well known as Anemonefish. They belong to the subfamily Amphiprioninae in the family Pomacentridae. There are around thirty species of clownfish. The period of life of a clown fish normally 3 to 6 years. Get a pair of clownfish in

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Japanese dwarf flying squirrel

Do you have idea about the animal? Well, they are very small in size and cute. Their maximum living period is 6 years. They are found in Japan. Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is one of the flying squirrel species. It is one of two species of Old World flying squirrels. They are actually found in

Perro de Presa Canario

Perro dog is a kind of breed dog, as you have almost similar characteristics like that of other dogs. Though there are little different, due to the breed. The perro dogs are large molosser time canario dog, which are generated used as a livestock. The name is a Spanish name, and they are also sometimes


Kabang is a special shepherd mix, and it belong to the Askal breed of dogs. Kabang was born in February of year 2001, and is a female. Her birthday is on 29 February, and the present age is 16 years. She is also known for a number of achievements. Kabang has similar characteristics like that