Calandra larks are synonymous with “klitrr” in barley fields


Calandra lark”, also known as Calandria, is a bird that tends to breed in balmy temperate nations about the Mediterranean and towards the east through Turkey and into the northern part of Iran and southern Russia. If you go further towards the east, the bimaculated lark, its relative, takes its place.



The Calandra lark that belongs to the Alaudidae Family is the most immense in the family. Even though its back has feathers with pale edges its general appearance is very dark. It appears nearly black when in flight and when viewed from above. Its throat and chin are white as are its belly and lower breast. The upper part of its breast is light buff brown with streaks.


A key feature of this bird is the whitish marks on its feathers compared to its dark plumage that flashes when it is flying. Another key feature is the extended black spot at the bottom of its neck.


With the arrival of March, the males start singing especially loudly. This bird has a loud song that has melodic notes, which are often mixed together with harsh pitches. It is capable of mimicking the tunes of additional species of birds.

Bimaculated lark

Bimaculated lark


This breed tends to frequent the extensive plains, verdant steppes and cereal nurtured patches. However, it is also likely to frequent more parched areas having scarce vegetation. A typically tendency of this breed is to avoid deserts, semi-deserts, and pebbly areas. Most of this breed resides in lowlands.


Its primary food is vegetal items. When the fall and winter seasons are underway, it tends to have several cereals and seeds, grass, shoots, and largely hemp seeds. From the month of April it has several insects, caterpillars, grasshoppers, spiders, minute molluscs & earthworms.


This bird tends to nest on the land and they often shelter the nests with some tussock, plant, or undersized bush. While this breed nests solitary when numbers are vital, they are capable of breeding in very slack colonies. Females build the nests using parched grasses, straw or stems. Laying commences in the later stages of April.

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