Caiques – Adorable and colorful bird species

Caiques are profoundly keen flying creatures. They are considered as the “jokesters” of the parrot world, since they are exceptionally friendly and dependably on the go. They are a portion of the prettiest parrots with extremely unmistakable quill shading. These are little parrots that adjust well to imprisonment. They will conform effortlessly to their confine or aviary

A couple of Caiques sharing their feelings each other

A couple of Caiques sharing their feelings each other

Despite the fact that the Caique is exceptionally fun loving and warm, it is not viewed as a novice fowl. Caique winged animals like to be in control and will need to be overwhelming.


Caiques are to a great degree bright feathered creature. They are genuinely little strong looking parrots with short square tails. Both types of Caique are by and large thought to be 23cm long yet a portion of the subspecies are slightly bigger, for example, the Yellow-thighed Caique.


The general aura of the Caiques is one of love and amiability. In bondage the Caique is extremely social, enormously getting a charge out of collaborating with different fowls and individuals.


Caiques are dispersed in the general area of northeastern South America. White-gut Caiques are discovered south of the Amazon from northern Brazil to Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. Dark headed Caiques are discovered north of the Amazon, from the Guianas westbound to Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru.

A beautiful look of Caiques on a woman hand

A beautiful look of Caiques on a woman hand


In the wild the Caiques stay high in the tree tops eating organic products, berries, and seeds. In bondage their eating routine incorporates of a decent fledgling seed blend or pelleted nourishment alongside different products of the soil.


A caique female will lay 2 to 4 eggs and she will brood for around 27 days. The male will encourage the female while she is agonizing, and will go along with her in the home box at different times amid the day and during the evening. The hatchlings will leave the home at around 10 weeks.

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