Arctic wolf


Arctic wolf – the pack hunters


You won’t find another wolf in the whole world that offers the coloring that the Arctic Wolf does. This breed is also unique because of where it dwells. While a number of wolf species have a little whitish coloring, this one’s nearly wholly white. However, it has some gray, yellowish and black coloring in some places.

Canis lupus arctos

Canis lupus arctos

Its overall size depends on where it resides to live in its region. While a few of them weigh as less as 75 pounds there are those that weigh as much as 125. While a few of them have a length of 3 feet when fully developed there are those with twice that length.


As a result of the severe cold in places where this animal lives, it has two chunky sheets of fur. The one on the outside actually becomes thicker with the arrival of the winter season. What the primary layer does is form a watertight wall for its skin. Thus, its body temperature stays sufficiently warm during the severely cold days.


Those many consider this animal to be a loner by nature this is a false notion. Many wander alone while searching for food or while trying to create their own horde. Normally how large a pack is, depends on the amount of food available. This animal is also extremely territorial.

A pack

A pack


The greater part of this animal dwells in Alaska. They are capable of walking on the iced-up ground. Besides being able to endure the exceedingly freezing temperatures it can also live through the period when it’s dark 24 hours. It is also present in Canada and Greenland but in very fewer numbers.


Owing to its location it does not have much option as far as its food is concerned. Commonly it is going to eat muskoxen and caribou. Because of the much greater size of such animals these wolves have to hunt in packs.


Just like the greater part of wolf species no other than an alpha male and a beta female can mate. Two months following mating a pup is born.

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Scientific classification of Arctic wolf

Arctic wolf


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